The Information Technology Department provides support services for both academic and administrative computing on campus. It maintains the campus local area network consisting of several hundred workstations and provides computer hardware and software support for the entire campus community. The IT Center and staff offices are located in the Vennum-Binkley Science Hall. 


All dorms are wired for high-speed network connectivity. Students are encouraged to bring their own computers to be used in their dorm rooms. Several computer labs in various academic buildings are also available for students. In addition, the Ben Major Lab, located among residence halls, is available 24/7 during the academic year.


The main student web portal is supported by the SONISWEB software package. Students may use this secure web portal to find their academic-related information including their own tuition bills. The same software is used by Faculty for advising as well as for their teaching-related duties.


All registered students are issued an e-mail address, a network login account, and a SONISWEB account. The campus e-mail address is used for all campus-related communications. All established use policies apply to all these accounts.


A dedicated staff is available to resolve technology-related issues quickly. For any questions or to report any network-related issues, users may contact the Help Desk by phone at 3137-MYECIT (313-769-3248), by e-mail at, or in person. E-mails are preferred. If the help desk personnel cannot resolve the issue, an e-mail will be forwarded to the appropriate staff member.


All classrooms are wired for connecting to the campus network. Majority of classrooms are equipped with a computer and audio visual equipment for the instructor. A 24-station ͞smart computer lab͟ with advanced computer technologies, is available for instructional use. In addition, two other computer labs are available for ͞hands-on͟ classroom activities. Portable audio visual equipment is also available on request.

Software Applications

In addition to the general productivity software, Eureka College uses some software applications designed for specific purposes. The services available over the Internet require user authentication. All users are responsible for any activity associated with the login accounts assigned to them. Any authentication-related issues or network misuses may be reported to computer services.


This secure web portal gives access to all enrollment-related information for students and faculty. Students may use this secure web portal to check their academic-related information such as grades, class schedules, and much more. Instructors and faculty advisors also use a different module of this application for course-related activities.

Authorized network users may access library online databases with appropriate authentication. The details are provided on the pages listed under Melick Library.

The EC Web email access is available for all enrolled students and EC employees. Each user at Eureka College gets a campus e-mail address. This address is used for all official communications. Students will be assigned campus e-mail addresses upon course enrollment.